Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Leek, Spinach & Sausage Pan Pies (Quick & Easy Meals)

This can be done days ahead to use on busy working days or lunch boxes. This is a good meal that you can freeze with out cooking to take out on busy days.

Leek, Spinach & Sausage Pan Pies


  • 400g Plain flour
  • Salt & pepper
  • 320 ml Boiling water
  • Sausages ( I am Using Chorizo)
  • 1 Packet frozen spinach (Squeeze the excess water)
  • 1 leek


  1. Mix first 3 ingredients and knead well & leave to rest 30 min.
  2. Mean while cook sausage, spinach and leeks adding any kind of spices to your taste.
  3. Leave it to cool down.
  4. Roll the rested dough in to a log and cut equal size portions.
  5. Then roll it to a circle.
  6. Put a spoonful of the  filling in the middle. 
  7. Seal edges and press. (Watch Video)
  8. Then use a rolling pin to roll them well. (Make sure to be gentle when rolling .)

  1. Pan fry  with the lid on turnning after 2 min until golden brown on both sides.

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