Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Chicken & Vegetable Vol-au - vents

Chicken & Vegetable Vol-Au-Vents

Vol-au-vents is a french word to describe how light this pastry when made. This is made of puff pastry.  Its a hollow case of puff pastry. After cutting circles out from the puff pastry cut rings out of the pastry and stack them together and bake them. This is very famous for savoury  fillings. After filling the bake untill golden brown. It make nice pretty meal.


300g Diced Chicken Thighs
Salt and pepper
Leeks , Carrot and capsicum
Onion choppped
1/2 cup of cheese

For the white sauce.

20g butter
1 tsp vegetable stock
2 bay leaves
pinch of nutmeg
a table spoon of flour
2 tblsp white wine
a cup of milk

Method for white sauce

Add butter in to a pan and melt the butter and cook the flour and add milk. Into that add bayleaves and stock powder with nutmeg. Cook untill it becomes a thick sauce.

Method for the chicke and vegetable mix

Add oil and fry onion and add chicken and coo it. When the chicken is half cooked add the vegetables, spices. Cook it several minutes.

To Fill the vol-au vents

Add the chicken in to the white sauce and mix well. Fill that mix in to the vol-au-vent cases and add cheese on top. And bake on 160 about 15-20 min. 

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