Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Mukunuwanna Curry

Mukunuwenna Curry

Mukunuwanna leave has a aurvedic medicinal value as well as packed with lots of nutrients. People believe that it cools down your body as well as improves your brain power. Not like modern days people used to have a green leaves accompany their meals all the time. Not only that gives colour it supplied enough nutrients for their bodies too. Mukunuwanna is a very famous green leaf in Sri Lanka and it is really common. Now we used to buy them from the market. Long time ago in villages they used to pick them from and around the paddy fields. With the modernised world pesticides kill all these plants. When you pick them your self the flavours are very high. 
If you buy them from market try to buy them with short stems and green leaves. Use the tender part (first 5-6 leaves) in a curry or as a Salad. The stems can be used as mallum or even in kola kanda. Don’t throw any thing. When you throw thing it wastes your money without your knowing.  Plant the very hard part in a corner or in a pot. That helps you grow your own veggies , save your money and feed your children with no pesticide foods.

When you buy leaves from market sanitise it before use. Adding salt in to a bucket of water or even a drop of bleach in to bucket of water will solve the problem too.


  • Very tender Mukunuwanna leaves
  • Lots of green chillies
  • Maldive fish flakes
  • Onion sliced
  • Salt
  • Thick coconut milk


  • Add the Curry ingredients in to a pot with coconut milk and simmer it on low heat.
  • Put the mukunuwanna leaves slowly in to the simmering gravy mix.
  • Cook 1-2 min .

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