Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Luffa (Ridge Guord) Skin with Coconut (Watakolu pothu Mallum)

Luffa believed to be a less calorie vegetable. In Sri Lanka its always cooked as a white curry. Luffa skins comes with loads of fibre and it taste creamier if you bite it raw. Once you cook it with coconut it gives a really creamy tatse and accompanies rice dishes very well.
My grand mother used to steam themand mix them with freshly grated coconut. Its awesome. Though there are only a few ingredients in this it gives loads of flavours to this dish.
When we buy vegetables the we should take the maximum advantage of that with out throwing in to the rubbish bins. It saves not only money keeps us healthy too. People buy artificial fibre to keep their movements regular when they can use daily vegetables with fibre.

Luffa (Ridge Guord) Skin with Coconut (Watakolu Pothu Mallum)


  •  Luffa skin 
  • - 4 Chillies
  • - 3 Cloves of garlic
  • - 1 Onion
  • - Salt
  • - Pepper
  • - Cup of Fresh Coconut
  • - Margarine


  • Cut the luffa skins in to tiny pieces.
  • Put a pan on the stove with one tblsp margarine or oil to be hot.
  • Add garlic, Onionand chillies.
  • After a minute add the Luffa skin.
  • Cook several minutes uncovered.
  • When its just tender add coconut and take out.

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