Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Jam Doughnuts

Jam Doughnuts


  • 7g yeast
  • 2 Tblsp water
  • 30g Sugar
  • 1 Egg white
  • 1 whole egg
  • Strawbweey jam
  • 1/2 cup of milk
  • 240g plain flour
  • 30g melted Butter
  • Bowl of sugar for coating after frying
  • Oil for deep frying.


  1. Add the flour, melted butter,whole egg, and the yeast mix in to a mixing bowl.
  2. Knead the dough about 10 min.
  3. While mixing add warm milk in to the dough.
  4. Transfer the prepared dough in to a greased bowl and cover it with a damp cloth.
  5. Leave the dough in a warm place until double in size.
  6. Once it is double in size put it on toa floured bench top and cut in to equal size portions.
  7. Make circles. Brush around with egg whites. Put jam in to the middle and cove with another circle.
  8. Put it on a tray and leave it to double in size.
  9. Once double in size deep fry them until dolden brown.
  10. Coat with sugar.

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